Nothing is ever forgotten. Not really.

Yet another experiment in social media.

FYI, I’m taking a two week hiatus from tumblr, right up to de-installing the Tumblr app as soon as I’m done with this post. If I get asks, I’ll read those, and as always, if you know my email or AIM name, I’ll be available through those.

I’ll see how I feel about life, the universe, and everything in a couple of weeks.

I was at Dashcon: An Unnecessary Q&A with myself

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i want so badly to ignore this and just get on with my life, considering that i’m in the midst of tour and traveling the US right now, but it’s clear that I can’t escape this. this is a very long post, i am keeping it under a cut.

additionally, at least until tumblr moves on from this, my askbox is off. it is a nightmare. i can’t deal with it right now.

so. I was an invited panelist at Dashcon, and I was on 10 panels over the weekend. my name is mark, I run Mark Reads and Mark Watches, and have been doing so for 5 years next month. (HOLY SHIT THAT IS A LONG TIME.) I have been attending cons for over a decade and been speaking at them as a panelist or a guest since 2011. Including my own tour events outside of cons, I have participated in over 150 “panels,” ranging from 50 minutes to 4 hours. I’m including this upfront because I’ve already been accused of being a 16-year-old nobody who doesn’t know what he’s doing at cons and is ruining fandom. Also, I’m apparently white and straight. ALSO THIS IS A MESS.

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Holy crap, it’s Mark Reads! What. I love Mark Reads. 

I swear to God I’m done reblogging anything to do with this con, after this. Just … this one is important, y’all. Please read this. This is a big part of why I’ve felt so uneasy with all the shit floating around:

Why doesn’t Tumblr just come out and say they want a chance to rip on teenage girls? […] The fact that Tumblr has decided that out of every demographic in the world, girls at this con are the worst is just straight up misogyny to me. I don’t care that you find fandoms annoying.

That’s why. That’s why I’ve felt so uncomfortable about this.

Every so often, I see gifsets floating around regarding cosplay creeps and other such awful con behavior, and people do a lot of tutting and headshaking over it. But I have never — never — seen this site display such gleeful malice as they have these past couple days while tearing into this group of largely female con attendees. These people did literally nothing but show up to a con hoping for a fun weekend. And yet — simply because there’s an administrative problem with the con — “squeeing over superwholock” is now apparently grounds for mountains of derision and a holier-than-thou attitude that really fucking pisses me off.

Another incredibly important excerpt from Mark’s Q&A: “White people, here is a free tip: DO NOT FUCKING ERASE PEOPLE OF COLOR IN ORDER TO TRY TO BE ANTI-RACIST. Dashcon was the most racially diverse convention I have been to in the last year. It was more diverse than every professional, decades-running con I have been to EVER, aside from Comic-Con, which I don’t really count. And guess who I saw wearing the most flower crowns all weekend? Young black girls.

Fuck you. Your awful, misinformed commentary was racist, too.

Not that anybody asked for my opinion, but here’s the rest of my opinion:

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I have nothing to say about Dashcon itself, but Mark and batmansymbol have done a great job laying out some the reasons I am rapidly approaching being Done with Tumblr. I’m having a hard time dodging the conclusion that there are problems with the format itself that enables poorly sourced gossip mongering, sound bite-like memes that blast over thoughtful discussion, and dog piles. Most of the time on my dash, what I’m seeing is the more nuanced reactions to such things, but it still makes me anxious and tired. And that makes me sad, because I don’t want to cut out this point of contact with people I adore and admire.

I don’t know what to do.

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  • finding someone aesthetically pleasing
  • being sexually attracted to someone
  • being romantically attracted to someone

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welcome to fringe

Imagine that was the first line you ever heard.

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welcome to fringe

Imagine that was the first line you ever heard.

Why Middle School Should Be Abolished

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Thoughts, guys?

I work in a K-8 school, but one with a separate middle school building that houses 5-8. Some of the absolute best social learning comes when we bring boys and girls of drastically different ages into one room and set up the older students as leaders. My school isn’t an ideal exams of this, with the two rooms & all, but those magical times when kids come together to learn & teach are phenomenal.

It’s moments like these that have me nodding my head in favor of more vertically integrated schools. Students as mentors-students as peer advisors-students as leaders. It’s Hogwarts.

But not 7-12. Crazy gender problems then.

Agreed (with teachingintweed, not the article.)

(Straight off: I always feel the need to say, if ever piping in on these matters, that I have not worked primarily in the classroom, so I still have a lot to learn. I’ve worked/coordinated/directly served students at an education nonprofit that provides, among other programs, after-school tutoring and in-classroom tutoring.)

The after school program has a wide range of ages and a lot of the classrooms I spent time in were in K-8 Schools.

Besides being wonderful human beings and a damn delight, middle-schoolers are definitely my greatest challenge of all the age-groups I’ve worked with.

But both in our own program, and in those K-8 schools, I’ve seen middle schoolers respond to the responsibility of acting as role models to younger students in really positive, productive ways. Those gentle reminders to act as leaders and role-models were honestly my most useful middle-school behavioral management tools this year in after-school.

And any possible gender problems completely aside, (and what we really mean when we say “gender problems” is the danger of older students sexually/romantically exploiting younger students of any gender) when I see middle-school students emulating high-schoolers, it’s often happening in less positive ways. And at an age that’s so important for examining and forming identity, I’d rather see that identity develop around ideals of leadership.

Our school is K-12. We do A LOT of things cross grade. It’s wonderful.

I’m pretty interested in hearing/learning more about affective cross-grade learning experiences (EduPD 2015? :)

Food for thought.

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I normally dislike “remakes” of trailers but this one here for the original Star Wars trilogy re-done in Guardians of the Galaxy style is pretty fantastic.


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In which Eleven tries to manipulate Amy into staying with him.

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eleven was a child, he was afraid of losing the mother figure in his life. he wasn’t stable. but it made him more human he is flawed but he tries his best.
also there was not guarantee Amy would be safe (like Rose was).

I just want to repeat this….ahem TEN IS NOT ELEVEN, TEN IS NOT ALL THE DOCTOR IS!!!!!

….actually Ten is very atypical of the doctors. He’s still wonderful but he probably shouldn’t be used as an example of what the doctor is.

I don’t hate Ten, but I think that’s way too kind a read on Ten there. He flatly ignored what Rose said she wanted, and physically acted to override her clearly stated choice, in order to send her to Pete’s World. She figured out within seconds that she could still get back, but nonetheless, he tried to decide for her something he thought was irrevocable. Argue if you like that he has more life experience than her, and legitimately believes she’ll regret her choice, but I think he was being insultingly arrogant.

Ten….kinda bought into the whole Lonely God image. He has a pattern of forcing people into what he thinks he better for them, culminating in Waters of Mars. I think it’s really interesting that, while their goals were completely different, both the Master and Adelaide Brooke decided death was a better option than being ‘saved’ by the Doctor. Donna, in the moments of admittedly questionable lucidity before the mind wipe, also protested the Doctor saving her life. 

But the Doctor’s not a god, not really. He’s a damaged man. Eleven’s plea is self centered as hell, but he doesn’t physically intervene to force Amy to stay. The choice is hers. 

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Steve Rogers’ phone at the science museum.

Whaaaa? I used to play with a phone like that, when I was a kid. I knew it was a disconnected real phone, but I never really thought about where it came from. Where in the MoS was this?

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Steve Rogers’ phone at the science museum.

Whaaaa? I used to play with a phone like that, when I was a kid. I knew it was a disconnected real phone, but I never really thought about where it came from. Where in the MoS was this?

I forgot about the jaywalking here.

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It’s not just a hobby, it’s a competitive sport.

Jay walked this morning! (Although there should really be a crosswalk at the bus stop.)

Really wish I were able to transmute my anger into something more useful than a blog post, or a rant over lunch. On a good day, I get a clean kitchen out of it, I guess. On a bad one, hovering on the edge of a panic attack, because change and action scare me.