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Yet another experiment in social media.

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The combination of symptoms that help me figure out I’m probably hungry:
Off-balance more often
Hands shake
Feeling faint
Worse than usual focus
More “deaf” than usual
Less able to process information
(other things I’ve probably forgotten)

How others know they’re hungry:
Something to do with a feeling related to their stomach? I think?

Okay, so I’m gonna be weird for a moment.

For the longest time, I did not experience any sort of hunger. My brain did not cue me in that I needed food or water. Obviously, hugely problematic when you don’t even have a shift buddy to remind you when lunch is.


Once I started putting myself on a schedule, I thought maybe that would change. It didn’t. It wasn’t until about three months ago that I started feeling hunger. It’s still sporadic, but it happens sometimes.

And it is awful. I’m the biggest whiny baby about it.

Like, honestly, I’m pretty sure it’s a form of pain. My stomach feels empty, but it’s so damned unpleasant. Like, a headache that rooted itself mid-waist and hitting your funny bone all at once. Plus, there’s the thought disruptions. Like, I’m working, I’m working, I’m working oooohcheeseburgercheesecakechickenburritossoupmmmm.

It’s inconsistent for me. Sometimes I feel what I think are classic hunger pangs. Sometimes I’m like - Am I hungry, or nauseated, or both? And then sometimes I get dizzy, shaky, and/or headachy and go ‘Oh. Guess I should eat.’

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i kind of want to write a fic where some organisation kidnaps the doctor, the master and the rani and forces them to work for them because woah imagine 3 superior time lord minds working on the same problem at once!! only it kind of turns out like„

expectations: the goal is achieved in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken using human scientists/researchers/engineers etc. and several related scientific discoveries have been made in the process

reality: the doctor and the master won’t stop pulling each other’s hair, the rani has ignored them entirely and somehow managed to bioengineer some kind of terrifying warrior beast, and literally everything is on fire

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I want more girl byronic figures, I want more reckless self-important girl libertines leaving a string of broken men in their wake while dashing off poems and getting into obscene wagers. I want girl characters that are just on the charming mercurial side of unlikeable arseholes and definitely morally questionable, but always game for a revolution.

Girl Genius is the closest thing I can think of to scratching that itch.

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Microsoft didn’t really go directly from Windows 8 to Windows 10, it’s just that Windows 9 was played by Richard E. Grant and non-canonical.

friendly reminder that Windows 9, if you can find it, comes with Android.


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Mr. Hottiness

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"Some days, it’s easy to see social media, perhaps most especially Twitter, as a giant Milgram experiment."

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i got angry and made a thing.


As a cashier who deals with this shit every day, it’s nice to see that some people actually care about us.

Sidenote: At some fast food places the cashiers have a score for how many orders they correct. So if you go ‘Wait no, I changed my mind, I want this other thing’, it can cost them their job.

When I was an unemployment officer, I was like ‘“What, no,  that’s not something the employee can entirely control, so that is not a reasonable policy, and firing people for it was not ‘good cause attributable to the employee’. Give them unemployment benefits, damn.”

Well, I didn’t write the swearing.

Fuck corporate policies, man, and be nice to the people who serve you.

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today i learned that mountain lions meow and it sounds RIDICULOUS

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Main sources of villainy in Les Mis:

  • bourgeoisie
  • capitalism
  • patriarchy
  • abuse of law
  • corrupt government
  • corrupt people in power

When explaining why Les Mis is still relevant in a modern society:

  • read the previous list
  • realise that at the very base of things not much has actually changed
  • accept that the underlying messages are still very much relevant
  • be afraid and very, very angry

A terrible AU

  • Husband, after I told him I forgot Doctor Who has aired today: Wow. Yeah. Me too. What next, we stop drinking tea?
  • Me: That may not be the worse of all possible timelines, but that sounds like a terrible AU.
  • Husband: Shipping you and decaf
  • Me: ...That's uncalled for.